Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Tie Dyeing

Did a bit of tie dyeing in the mid term break. Raw materials - Tea towels from Ikea, vest and onesie from Dunnes, Polo shirt from Penneys. Used Jungle Green multi purpose dye from Dylon, though I think this has been discontinued - both the colour and the style of dye. Amazon Green is the nearest thing.


2 Iris Ikea tea towels - I really like how they came out. they were accordion folded, and then folded again in thirds.


Light (insipid?) blue polo shirt - from Penneys. I think it looks a lot better now.


Cute Baby vest - hides a multitude :-)


Groovy all in one. Originally pristine white from Dunnes. Sold in a three pack. The snap fasteners take up a bit of the dye.
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Anonymous said...

Great idea for the baby clothes! Hides a multitude - very funny.

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