Sunday, November 23, 2008

Crafting with the kids

Dara has been wanting to learn to sew, so this weekend we decided to give it a go. We started with making a neck gaiter - a scarf that doesn't have dangly bits, that turns into a hat if necessary. We used one of DHs for a pattern. We will post photos of those later. So once Dara had got that hang of using the machine, he wanted to make something he designed himself.


And this is what he ended up with. He cut rectangles of flannelette and fleece, got the hang of right side and wrong side, and pinned them together. He knew that he neede to leave a part open when sewing, which I though was rather clever of him, and I helped with the sewing. We turned it inside out, filled it with rice, and sewed the end - and voila - a little heat pack/pillow for his teddies.

Brother Leo - not to be outdone - wanted a pillow also. We ended up using material with 'the shape of a shed' which turns out to be a pretty nice shape for a neck warmer.

And it tickles! one side is purple polar fleece
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The other is a cotton with elephants on it.

They have both gone to bed with their pillows heated up (by the microwave). Fast asleep....

In A Show!


While this is technically not my first show - I had some etchings in a show when I was doing a night course in NCAD - it's the first show in my new/old home, and it feels great.

2 painting were selected - Ben Bulben - and a hay painting which I entered right after painting, and didn't get a chance to take a photo of. Fingers crossed that I will get some interest in my work from this - I had some personal business cards printed to leave at the show - with a different title than my usual Engineering Manager or Tools and Process Manager - this one says Artist and Gardener - I like how that sounds....

As you can see from the invite, the show goes on till almost Christmas, which is great from a shopping point of view.

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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Grazing cow


Another recent one - Joe really likes it, so he'll be getting it for his 40th birthday - guess it's not a surprise, but don't think he reads this blog. It's entered in the upcoming Mullingar group show, but NFS. Wonder if it will be accepted...
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Hay I


This one just got finished - this is it before I added the barbed wire, and put the finishing touches on it. It's already been submitted to the Mullinger group show, and thay have used this image in the invite - Can't believe it - I'm so excited- more to follow on this.
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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Art show in Mullingar

At my painting class, just heard about a group show which I can submit work to. Submissions on this Friday and Saturday, show will open November 26th. Hoping that at least one painting will be accepted. Fingers crossed!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Craft Swap




Above is the wonderful selection that Nicola sent me as part of the Autumn Swap she organised. In return she got the boat picture, and some cards. Really looking forward to the Christmas swap, and Dara is going to participate too...
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Painting gone to LA

The big yellow painting(Fields of Rape) has gone on to LA - this is my first time to try posting a big painting, it's unframed, but on a canvas covered board rather than stretched. Looking forward to hear how it survives the journey.
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