Sunday, November 23, 2008

Crafting with the kids

Dara has been wanting to learn to sew, so this weekend we decided to give it a go. We started with making a neck gaiter - a scarf that doesn't have dangly bits, that turns into a hat if necessary. We used one of DHs for a pattern. We will post photos of those later. So once Dara had got that hang of using the machine, he wanted to make something he designed himself.


And this is what he ended up with. He cut rectangles of flannelette and fleece, got the hang of right side and wrong side, and pinned them together. He knew that he neede to leave a part open when sewing, which I though was rather clever of him, and I helped with the sewing. We turned it inside out, filled it with rice, and sewed the end - and voila - a little heat pack/pillow for his teddies.

Brother Leo - not to be outdone - wanted a pillow also. We ended up using material with 'the shape of a shed' which turns out to be a pretty nice shape for a neck warmer.

And it tickles! one side is purple polar fleece
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The other is a cotton with elephants on it.

They have both gone to bed with their pillows heated up (by the microwave). Fast asleep....

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Nicola Brown said...

Wow Dara and Leo, your sewing is SO much better than mine! Loved the Christmas ornament thanks, it was brilliant and Anna best of luck with the exhibition, your pictures will be great!! X Nicola

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